Night lifestyle-A nightmare or a beautiful dream

Heart-with-Stethascope_webI’m sure the above question as title would have made many go mad in rage. Not many almost everyone would be mad in rage except the teens. Everyone will be like it’s only during the nights that we get to spend some time with our loved ones or to have a few hours of rest though it can’t be called a peaceful sleep as even while sleeping there will be many tensions hovering around your heads. So its just a rest and not even a sleep and after all these people will be like how dare you to even ask a question if night lifestyle is a night mare or beautiful dream.

About the life I have seen in nights

However I’m sure teens would say night lifestyle is the best. It’s perfect for hangout with your crushes. The soothing night climate, the silent moon, the sound of hustling leaves and long walks or drive with your crush ones, everything sounds so romantic. It is also the best time to even spend with friends rather than spending time with them over what’s app or Facebook. A small ice cream shop, ten friends out in their night dresses, the bullying of each other legs and a little talk about future or something different and sound so cool and exciting. I’m sure night life style would be a beautiful dream for all the teens. It would be the best part of the day.

The other factors

However on other side night is considered the best time for sleep by the psychologists. It is during nights that the growth of children is optimum and our body needs at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep so that we are active the next day. And not only that it is really next to impossible to work during chilly nights. Your eyes become too heavy to hold them high. I really pity the ones who need to work during nights. And hence night life style is beautiful for some while nightmare for many.

My experience with an amazing night life style

Health-Insurance-and-the-Health-Care-SystemMany teens always do dream about having night outs with friends. But many of our dreams end with a no of our families especially parents. I never understand why there are so many no’s from parents during our teen age. Like the countless teens even I and my pal group had a great urge to explore our city during nights. But like usual parents it was a no from our parents.

We had this urge from our first year of junior college and we were quite determined to go for a night out or have a good night lifestyle. We even tried to fool our parents by saying that we are going for a group study the whole night at our friends place. But they outwitted us saying we know how much you people will study when you all are together.

Go for the night outs

But these entire no’s didn’t phase our thought of having a good night lifestyle. We waited for a right chance to come. And lower did get a chance for night out. We had our junior college’s 50th annual day celebrations. It was on 14th Feb I guess. Yes guys and also girls we had our annual day on Valentine’s Day. I was the cultural head for junior college and my friends were its members. We had a lot of work to be done as it was a part of our golden jubilee celebration. All the stage events were set by 13th however the stage was not set.

Actually we didn’t get the decoration items like orchids on 13th. And so the stage was left out with no decorations. And the orchids were to arrive by morning 5. Every situation that happened here after was in our favor. The construction of stage went till night 9 pm of 13th. It was then not safe for girls to travel back to their houses as we had a lot of travelling through local trains and all. And so we called up our parents and explained the situation and told them a lie that teachers are going to stay with us the night.

When I was convinced

They were convinced when they got to know that a teacher is going to stay with us. And we all were on cloud number nine. At last we got a chance for night out. We all dressed ourselves neatly and moved out to a disco theatre. We danced our whole hearts out. And we came out by 1:30 sat down under a tree besides the road and started bullying each other’s dance movements in the disco. We laughed till our belly hutted. At around 3:30 we went to a tea stall and had bourn vitas.

Even if today I think about my first night out, a smile comes over my face. Night lifestyle is the best when it’s about living with friends.

What if the dream of night life styles comes true?

imagesI always wonder what would happen if we sleep the whole day and work all nights. What would happen if everything goes upside down? What if shops open at night 10pm instead of 10 am? What if children go to schools at 8 pm instead of 8 am? What if the workers go at night 7 pm to their offices instead of morning 7 pm? Though everything here went upside down but it would be really silly of me if I say what if sun rises during night instead of day?

Night life of college

I’m sure you all would be like nothing went upside down. But if it’s like working when the moon’s up then it would be really fun, especially for teens. Teens are the night owls. They don’t sleep until either their phones are dead or else their assignments are done. And so having 5 hours Night College would be no hurdle for them. Also they like to sleep during days and so they would really enjoy this time tables. Nights are calm and pleasant. It’s perfect even for hangouts. You need no of move around with friends in the scorch heat of sun. Night lifestyle is quite adorable by the teens. Life would be enjoyed to its peak if this dream comes true.

Night lifestyle:- The best time you can get for yourself

MY-LIFE-MY-HEALTH-LOGOWhenever you hear the word night lifestyle, the first thing to click your minds will be night out with friends or may be with your loved ones. It’s becoming a common trend nowadays. Many of us plan night outs with our friends. Those moments become the best moments of our life. Night out with friends means a road whose silence is broken by thunders of laughter’s of friends. Night out is fun.

Our idea of night outs

This was a general idea of night out. When it’s said night out with friends then it can also be night out with oneself. I’m sure many would think that I’m out of my mind to say night out with oneself. But many of you would have experienced it. Some of you would have experienced with either their assignment papers, while some would have enjoyed their night outs with books. Some would have enjoyed their night outs with their laptops.

I’m not at all speaking about these kinds of night outs. I’m speaking about night outs where it was you and only you. Have you ever experienced any such night outs? Well, I have spent such night outs. Quite often I do. The time when the whole world is asleep I stay awake. Many may think how I spend the whole night alone.  Man is a social animal and it is difficult for anyone to stay alone. A person who says leave me alone also can’t stay alone for more than an hour or so. So here I will share my thoughts on night life style.

When I experienced my first night outs

When I say about living a whole night alone, surely there would be some or the other thing behind it. When you are alone you think about your day’s activities. You think about what you did. You analyze whether you really deserved to win the argument. You think about who frowned at you. You think about who advised you. You think about praised you. You also think about the ones who were mad in rage with you.

It is only when you think all this you get to know where you were wrong and right. And then when you think about the ones who praised you a smile comes on your face and a prayer comes from your heart for them. It is only the prayers that come directly from your heart are directly hear by The Almighty. Try praying for someone from your whole heart. You prayed for someone else but you feel blessed. Is it possible to pray such during day time in the hustle and bustle?

Why they are so special?

Night lifestyle is very special. If someone scolded you and if you are angry over them, then maybe you didn’t shout back at them at that moment but the anger may stay in your heart. But in the silence of the night when you think about the anger of the person then you may think why the person behaved so. Were you really at mistake? And this helps you analyze the situation. If you were at mistake you would surely pick your phones and would send a sorry message to the person. Every inch of anger which is nothing but negativity moves away from you. You feel light. It is all the magic of the silence of night.

You may also go to read good books. In the silence of night every word in the book gets marked in your minds. Books are the man’s best friends. It will never guide you through the wrong path. I promise you that this one night you would have totally lived for yourself.

But make sure you don’t try a night out with yourself during chilly nights or at nights when you are sleepy. Staying awake when you are sleepy may irritate you and it will be like it’s the end of your thinking capacity.